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Tejas Kumar

Camp Counselor

Getting the Most out of Today's Web Industry

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Wednesday, January 31, 2024 - 10:00 PM UTC, for 1 hour.

Regular, 60 minute presentation

Room: Campsite 4

**Introduction:** The web industry is undergoing a transformative evolution, with technologies and paradigms emerging at an unprecedented pace. But it's crucial to remember that technology alone doesn't drive success; the people behind it do. **Part I: The Technical Horizon** - **Signals as State Primitives**: We'll demystify this new paradigm, exploring its significance and how it's revolutionizing state management in web applications. - **Rust**: Discover the power and promise of Rust in the web domain. From its memory safety features to concurrency, learn why Rust is becoming a favorite among developers. - **Hybrid/Universal Applications**: We'll dissect the rise of hybrid and universal applications, understanding their advantages and the scenarios where they shine the brightest. - **Edge Computing**: Delve into the world of edge computing, understanding its impact on latency, user experience, and the decentralization of web applications. - **Disappearing Infrastructure**: Between managed solutions like Supabase, Keel, and more, we explore how much of code is actually disappearing into abstractions. **Part II: The Heart and Soul of Technology: People** While these emerging technologies offer promise and potential, they are merely tools. The true driving force behind any successful tech venture lies in its people. - **The Essence of Tech Leadership**: Learn the art of leadership in the tech domain. From fostering innovation to ensuring project delivery, leadership plays a pivotal role. - **Building Effective Teams**: Dive deep into strategies for building teams that not only deliver but thrive. We'll discuss team dynamics, communication, and the importance of a shared vision. - **Prioritizing Health and Well-being**: In an industry known for its fast pace and often demanding environment, ensuring the mental and physical well-being of team members is paramount. We'll provide actionable insights into creating a balanced, healthy work environment. - **Practical Takeaways**: Walk away with a toolkit of strategies, best practices, and actionable insights to ensure that you not only stay abreast of the latest in technology but also excel in leading and nurturing the teams that wield it. **Conclusion:** Technology will continue to evolve, but the constant is the people behind it. By understanding the latest in the tech world and mastering the art of leadership, we can ensure a future where innovation thrives, and teams flourish.

Take Aways

  • Learn how to motivate and lead high-performing (and healthy!) teams
  • Learn the lay of the land in 2024
  • Become familiar with topics you see on X
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