Howdy. We’re a full-stack, tech-obsessed community of fun, code-loving humans who share and learn together.

We geek-out in Texas and Wisconsin once a year but we host digital events all the time.

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The only conferences that's also a community!

THAT Conference v.Next

Wisconsin Dells, WI

July 29, 2024 - August 1, 2024
Over four days, folks of diverse technology backgrounds and expertise levels gather to take advantage of multiple learning mediums to maximize one community and career advancements.

Our mission is simple, foster a community of geeks who want to help one another be awesome. is a safe place for all of the geeks and geeklings from anywhere, to easily connect and support one another in achieving their best self, each and every day. Together we can accomplish amazing things and we all have a role in making our community the best it can be. Join us today!

Clark Sell
Clark Sell
Founder, THAT

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