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Eric Lawrence

Principal Program Manager, Microsoft

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Hi, I’m Eric Lawrence (@ericlaw). I’ve been working on the web in one way or another for over two decades now, including over fifteen years at Microsoft. I created the Fiddler Web Debugger and a variety of other tools. I spent two years helping bring HTTPS everywhere on the web as a member of the Chrome Security team. In 2018, I returned to Microsoft to again work on networking for the Microsoft Edge and the Windows web platform. I’m not a spokesperson for any organization or entity. You can find me on GitHub, StackOverflow, and HackerOne. I previously blogged in other places, including 237 posts on IEInternals and a smaller number on Telerik’s Fiddler blog.

Web Performance

Remember that the most dangerous misconception in the world is that life is a zero-sum game.

Eric Lawrence

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