Getting Started

Staying Up To Date

Life moves fast and you have enough to sift through already. Our goal is to make it very easy to stay up to date with everything THAT, while not becoming refrigerator noise. To that end, we currently have three different ways you can stay up to date.

  • The Activity Board & My Favorites.
  • Subscribe to our shared calendar.
  • #that_board in Slack.

Activity Board and My Favorites

The Activity Board as we call it, is your main place to find out what's up next. It will always show all Activities from today looking forward. You can also find all Activities here.

My Favorites is just like the Activity Board but filtered to the Activities you've already favorited. This is great during times of high usage or for historical reasons.

Calendar Feed

Most people live by their calendars. We've created a shared Google calendar that you can subscribe to. This calendar is updated as Activities are created and every entry reflects all of the same information you would find on the Activity details page. The link below will copy to your clipboard for you to use in your favorite calendar program.

#that_board in THAT Slack

Of course, we wouldn't forget our very active Slack Channel. There is a dedicated channel in our Slack (#that_board) which not only receives real-time updates when the Activities are created but will also send a daily and hourly digest when an Activity is scheduled. If you're not in our Slack, join us today!

Over time we will continue to extend THAT in new and interesting ways. It's our goal to connect you to the relevant topics and help you grow your network accordingly based on your interests.