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Taylor Morgan

Lead Software Engineer, Losant IoT, Inc.

Member Since October, 2022

I’m a software engineer and father of 5. I wrote my first program in BASIC over 25 years ago, and ever since then coding has felt just like a crossword puzzle to me. As an avid cruciverbalist, that’s a great thing! I’ve worked in the field professionally for several years–currently as a Lead Software engineer for Losant IoT–but I’m also pursuing an MS in Computer Science from the Georgia Institute of Technology to explore more advanced topics like artificial intelligence. I play chess daily at, dabble in woodworking, enjoy exploring new board games, and play video games with my friends and kids. I live in Cincinnati, OH with my wife Laura and our children.

artificial intelligence
board games
video games

Engaged curiosity will take you farther than raw ambition

Taylor Morgan

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