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Rhea Eckman

SDET, ArcheMedX

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(pronunciation: "RAY") Relatively new transplant to tech from science, I am a people-focused systems thinker who has worked in cross-functional teams to identify, mitigate, and resolve problems at ground level from within mutual aid organizational structures for 8+ years. I am deeply interested in ongoing ethical debates within the rapidly evolving ML field as well as the field of technology as a whole, and am thankful for the opportunity to learn from others with more/different experience than my own as we all work towards building the future we will share. I hold many concurrent and overlapping identities, which at the moment include but are not limited to: - Community Leader/Group Facilitator/Event Organizer - Scientist (B.S. majoring in Biology/Spanish) - Philosophy/Sociology/Psychology nerd - Dog Parent - Software Engineer in Test - Neurodivergent - Mentor/Mentee - Street Medic - Warming Shelter Volunteer

Test Automation
Data Science

If you find yourself trying to guess what someone is thinking or feeling for an uncomfortable amount of time, just ask them about it (as long as you can accept that they might not feel comfortable sharing).

Rhea Eckman

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