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Community Builder | People Leader | Value Maximizer | Agent of Change I approach all of my roles with the goal of fostering an environment where people can truly thrive, whether they're on my team, they report to me, or I report to them. I continually support the development of work cultures that value diversity, experimentation, continual improvement, and psychological safety. I leverage these experiences in my work with clients as well, as an agile transformation change agent, trainer, and business agility advisor. Outside of work, I am an avid board gamer and aspirational gardener and am learning to love running again. I seem to be constantly working on my 100+ year old house in Oak Park, IL with my husband David, where we raise four ornery chickens - Abigail, Beatrice, Clara and Delta, and a rambunctious GSP named Sadie.

backyard chickens
strength training

Never sit on feedback, constructive or praise, you'll pay the price of that debt ten times over if you sit on it.

Angela Dugan

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