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June Syndesi Kramer

Mental Health Educator, Researcher and Trauma-informed Wellness Counselor currently in Doctorate, Syndesi Wellness

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June has been honored at the United Nations for her work in the United States and New Zealand for Mental Health. She's spent the last 10 years traveling the world speaking and teaching in schools, personal development programs, corporate America and luxury retreats. She's spoken and educated thousands of people on the importance of emotional intelligence, nervous system regulation, epigenetics, trauma recovery, and brain science. She has over 87,000 hours of experience under her belt. She has been trained and mentored by the very executives and doctors that write and edit the diagnostic manuals (DSM) on maladaptive behaviors, brain disorders and PTSD symptomatology. She teaches and speaks at conferences and programs monthly. And is constantly traveling to learn the newest trends from experts in the mental health field to stay up to date. For the last 15 years, her humanitarian work has included working with Sudanese Refugees in the United States and Ethiopian Refugees. This in-depth work with refugees has majorly influenced her trauma-informed care. In her youth due to her own health challenges, she made very close friends with behavioral scientists at Cambridge, Harvard, and Johns Hopkins. Her interactions and collaborations with these esteemed professionals provided her with a significant headstart and advantage in delving into the realms of mental health, brain science, and nervous system regulation research. She has a passion for learning about other nations and cultures' approaches to healthcare. And was determined to understand the science behind "energy" and non western approaches to medicine. She traveled to over 30 countries interviewing tribal elders, shamans/ gurus, and ancient medicine doctors on their healing modalities and sciences. Along with her counseling practice and speaking tours, she offers Mentorships and Training for women to become Mental Health Advocates. She provides Training for them to start Women's Support Groups in their communities to create spaces of emotional intelligence and empowerment for women and girls. Today, June works with therapists, veterans, doctors, nurses, business owners, community leaders, high-powered executives and teachers looking to make a difference in this world.

Teaching Nervous System Regulation
Supporting Individuals with Social Anxiety

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June Syndesi Kramer

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