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Dave Aronson

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Dave is a semi-retired software development consultant, with over 38 years of professional experience in a wide variety of languages, systems, frameworks, domains, techniques, etc. (Lately mainly Ruby, both on and off Rails; before that, mainly plain old C; and now trying to break into in Elixir/Phoenix.) He is the T. Rex of Codosaurus, his one-person consultancy (which explains how he can get such a cool title) in Fairfax, Virginia, near Washington DC. His latest passion in software development is to spread the gospel of quality, including his ACRUMEN definition of software quality (detailed at He is also a frequent conference speaker, and has spoken to almost forty conferences on four continents (including THAT Wisconsin *and* Texas), on topics such as ACRUMEN, mutation testing, genetic algorithms, and mead, which he makes in his spare time. (Yes, the fermented honey drink you probably associate with Vikings, but is really much older and more widespread than them.)

Medieval Re-Creation a la SCA etc.

Learn to take criticism gracefully, even if it wasn't meant gracefully.

Dave Aronson

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