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Diana Alt

Camp Counselor

How to Talk to Your Boss about Growth

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Wednesday, January 31, 2024 - 10:00 PM UTC, for 1 hour.

Regular, 60 minute presentation

Room: Campsite 1

professional development
career growth

<Suitable for the program> What makes people the most frustrated at work? Outside weird return-to-office protocols and an absence of all-you-can-eat tacos on Tuesdays - it's the feeling that there's no way to continue growing within the company. While it would be nice if our managers would magically see all our great qualities and hand us the perfect career growth plan on a silver platter, that's not how the world works. In this session, Diana will explain a framework for talking with your boss about your desires for career growth that is proactive and win-win for you and the company. She'll provide steps and scripts to help you prepare for growth conversations. If you want to stay with your company AND find a way to take on new challenges that are in line with YOUR goals instead, this will be a great session for you! <Additional context for the organizers> This activity will primarily be a presentation-driven talk, with some interactive components to engage the audience and get them thinking about how to apply the process to their career.


This presentation is best for people who have some career aspirations or needs that aren't being met, but don't want to leave their job, but it can be helpful to anyone. There's no prior experience required, but it's really more for the professionals than the kids. (Teens might benefit, but it's likely not relevant to small kids.)

Take Aways

  • Learn what to get clear on BEFORE you talk to your boss about growth
  • Framework and scripts for driving career growth conversations
  • How to think about when it's time to call it and move on
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