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Little Chute, Wisconsin

Business Intelligence Data Analyst

This position would require a candidate to possess a strong technical background in developing and delivering BI solutions. Business intelligence (BI) is a set of technologies and practices for transforming business information into actionable reports and visualizations. A Business Intelligence Data Analyst is in charge of developing, deploying and maintaining BI interfaces. The BI Data Analyst is concerned about business value and is engaged in the user interface, usability, testing, security, and deployment of data. A BI Data Analyst possesses strong skillset of a Data Analyst to collect, clean, analyze and visualize data. With these analyst skillsets, the Business Intelligence Data Analyst is responsible for understanding the data sources and warehouse layers in the underlying infrastructure of BI system. Reporting is a separate duty that does not concern engineering as much, but rather working with databases and data models. Data models are defined and applied to the databases by the BI Data Engineers. The BI Data Analyst is the one who provides the reporting requirements for the model which determines what data must be extracted and/or collected. The Business Intelligence Data Analyst will work with the HBS BI Data Engineers to build and construct the Platform Architecture for data collection and connection. The Business Intelligence Data Analyst must have the ability to transform data into meaningful information that drives business decisions. The primary responsibility is to produce visual depictions of data that reveals patterns, trends, or correlations between different points. Duties will include using software to create dashboards to showcase information, perform data analysis and data modeling, and reporting on various data types.

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