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Semie Rogers

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A word nerd first and a coder second, Semie Rogers loves using any kind of language to help people achieve their ideas. She is passionate about communication and creation. As a front end consultant, Semie uses the English language to help people shape their thoughts and the Typescript language to create tools carry out those ideas. She loves learning about languages other technologists use and often translates tech-speak to business-speak (and back again) to improve team trust and speed. Semie found her way to coding along a path that included experiences as a journalist, grant-writer, bartender, non-profit board leader, fundraiser and mom. She will not divulge her most interesting job -- it's her secret to winning two truths and a lie. She lives in Kansas City with her husband Tom, three cats and a daschund. Constantly in search of better ways to do things, Semie's favorite hobby is talking to people about ideas. She would love to meet you and hear yours. Please be aware that any encounter may include puns.

Anything as long as you tell me why you're passionate about it
Kayak camping
Tasty beverages

Find out the why.

Semie Rogers

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