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Joshua Pierce

Senior Director of Software Development, STS Aviation Group

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Joshua Pierce is an outspoken leader of Software Development in the midwest, currently leading the software development practice for STS Aviation Group, a global aviation services provider. His 15 years of experience in software development, management, and consulting have allowed him to grow his expertise, which he's passionate about sharing. When he's not attending or speaking at conferences, you'll find him learning and researching anything and everything possible, spending time with his family, traveling, and trying new foods from around the world (at least once). He is a firm believer in the magic inside of him, and he is motivated by helping others find and expose the magic inside of them. If you'd like to talk about anything from baseball, to software development, to architecture, to the phases of the moon and how they affect the tides and fishing outlooks, connect with Josh and start a conversation. All are welcome, always. "Looking forward to meeting you!" - Josh

The only thing better than having an "aha" moment, is playing a part in helping someone else have one.

Joshua Pierce

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