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Gavin Coyle

Product Manager, Enok Collective

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Gavin Coyle is the Product Leader of EngineerKit at Enok Collective, a custom software development consultancy. Since joining Enok in 2018, he has worked with executives and digital product teams of various company stages to establish product vision, craft digital product strategy, get stakeholder buy-in on evolving release plans, and deliver value in incremental steps. In 2022, Gavin began leading EngineerKit, with the goal of complimenting tech ecosystems to retain local, skilled software talent, at scale, through equipping mentors with an out-of-the-box approach to 1) create customized learning and development pathways for their teams to reach success and independence, as they contribute in their software roles, and to 2) mold an interdependent culture where everyone in the organization has a shared responsibility for the growth and success of those around them, as they align with the goals and desired outcomes of the organization. He resides in the Atlanta area with his wife and two kids. Ask him about his Irish Dancing years…

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Gavin Coyle

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