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Alex Will

Camp Counselor

Cloud-Native Apps in Azure: Architecture, Implementation, Deployment, and Monitoring

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Monday, July 26, 2021 - 1:00 PM UTC, for 8 hours.

Workshop (pre-conference)

Room: 8


Technology has changed so rapidly and dramatically, its shifted the business model from under us all. The need for massive upfront investment for on-premise infrastructure will soon become a footnote of our past. It is now ever important to be aware of how the software we haven’t even built yet will age, even how to retire it. Modern infrastructure isn’t just cloud-based or about using the newest languages and frameworks, but rather how that code is architected, managed, deployed, and monitored is key to embracing the cultural shift of adopting technology as operational procedures instead of capital-intensive assets. We will demonstrate how to manage the full lifecycle of a modern application using Microsoft Azure tooling. We will start with how we are going to build, deliver, and monitor the app. You will learn about Infrastructure As Code, Docker, Microservices, Azure Monitoring, Azure DevOps.


* Architectures in Azure * .NET Core and NodeJS * MongoDB and SQL * Docker * Infrastructure as Code * Azure DevOps Pipelines * Azure App Services * Azure Container Registry * API Gateways * Azure Monitoring


Familiarity with: Azure, DevOps Pipelines, Full-Stack solutions, databases.

Take Aways

  • Deploy and maintain full stack applications
  • Cloud Architecture
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